Little Me Baby Clothes

Little Me Baby Clothes are a subsidiary of Mamiye Brothers. Their passion for baby clothing leads them to develop a range which allows babies to be dressed in stylish gear without restricting their movement, or freedom to participate in typical toddler activities.

Little Me Baby places comfort, style and quality at the top of their agenda when it comes to baby wear designs. As a result of this, they strictly avoid materials like tweed and leather for their clothing products and prefer to use safer alternatives such as soft cotton, terrycloth and velour.

Baby Boys 12 Month Little Me Bibs (Shorts) Gently Used

Baby Boys 12 Month Little Me Bibs (Shorts) Gently Used

Price: $7.99 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 34m
Little Me dog Sweater us size 3 mo baby boy

Little Me dog Sweater us size 3 mo baby boy

Price: $1.49 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 42m

Features of Little Me Baby Clothes

Little Me places an emphasis on clothing designs and due to this, you can be assured that every piece of baby clothing has been designed with attention and care. Along with a profiency in design, the team at Little Me are also keen innovators and are not afraid use new ideas without comprising the safety of the child. In fact, Little Me are one of the few baby clothes producers that are aware of fabric use and how certain materials can cause rashes and discomfort to toddlers.

The Little Me company was acquired by the Mamiye Brothers in July 2007. Since then their online store has closed, however, Little Me clothing is still available from department and specialty stores. The popularity of Little Me baby clothes continues to grow and this is reflected in the number of online searches for them despite their lack of web presence

The company website is designed with a playful feel and reflects the idea of comfort and fun that their baby clothes portray. The Little Me website features a store locator and also a sizing guide to help people purchase the perfect clothing for babies.