Patriots Baby Clothes

Most of the New England Patriots clothes are manufactured by a popular sports brand - Adidas.

The signature red, blue and white colors, which are synonymous with both the Patriots, and Adidas, can be found below, in our New England Patriots range:

About The New England Patriots


The Patriots began playing in the American Football League in 1960 as the Boston Patriots before joining the NFL in 1970. After losing on the first two occasions, the Patriots were crowned champions for the first time in February 2002 with a 20-17 defeat of the St. A classic New England Patriots memory happened in 2003-2004 seasons when the Patriots won 21 games in a row which is currently a National Football League record. In 2005, the New England Patriots finished with a 10-6 winning record and made the playoffs. The Patriots had a slight drop off in 2005 and was unable to win the Superbowl three times in a row which has never been done, so, considering that, the New England Patriots did have what would be considered a successful season. In 2006 the New England Patriots finished with a 12-4 record and lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship.


Brady is considered a future Hall of Famer and one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time. Despite losing star passer Tom Brady in the opening game of 2008, the Patriots won 11 regular season games and narrowly missed a playoff berth. The 2008 season was a season of excessive injuries, starting with Brady going down in the first game of the season with the Kansas City Chiefs. With Brady and other key players healing over the off season, the 2009 season is shaping up to be another exciting one. Will Tom Brady have a record-setting return in 2009.